Air Test Plugs, Leak Locators

Multi Sized Leak Locators

Multi-Size Air-Testing / leak locator plugs for small and large diameter pipe. Connections on the front plug for inflation, gauge read-back and air insertion. Sizes up to 96 inches.

Multi Sized Leak Locator Accessories:

Air acceptance test panel. Used in conjunction with the triple hose for air testing

Comes with 500 feet of triple hose. Used in conjunction with the "Space Hose".

Sizes & Specs

Leak Location Reel Instructions

Multi Sized Leak Locator Accessories (cont'd):

High flow 3/4" hose with gauge for plugs over 10-16", 3/4" port/bypass for air test.

Triple hose assembly to connect the test panel to the front plug. 25 & 50 foot lengths.

Space Hose:Attaches the front and back air test plugs & simultaneously inflates.

Compressor Hoses in 3/8", 3/4". 1/4" Test pressure read back hoses. 20, 30, 40 ft

Protective Sleeve: Reduce plug damage due to debris or damaged pipes.

Air Test: Converts plug with 2, 3, 4, 6" bypass into an air test plug

Sizes & Specifications

Air Loc Test Procedure

Cherne Air-Loc leak locator plugs

Air-Loc leak locator plugs are designed for both line acceptance tests as well as leak location testing. Air-Loc front plugs can also be used as blocking plugs by simply plugging the fill and read-back ports.


Accessories for Cherne Air-Loc leak locator plugs:

Cherne® Hi-Flow Air-Loc Control Panel

Triple hose assembly to connect the Air-Loc Panel to the front plug. Color-coded hoses.

Connects front to back plug. Includes cable for attaching to the plugs.

Sava Air Test Conversion for Bypass Plugs

Air test equipment available for the testing of drains and sewers that are laid underground and/or operate under pressure. Suitable for drains and sewers installed in the trenches, under the embankments or above ground.

Quickly convert the female bypass on the plug to a Test plug by adding an air test adapter which has ports for introducing air into the line & gauge read-back.

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