Packers, Pipe Rehab, Point Repair

Sava Flexible Packers

Sava flexible Packers are suitable for patch repairs ranging from 3.3 feet - 16.4 feet
(1 to 5 meters). They are equipped with a bypass and wheel system that allows positioning along the pipeline and can easily bend and fit through manholes.

Sizes & Specifications

Sava Short Packers

Sava Short Packers have a replaceable double-layer rubber sleeve mounted on a PPH core. Such a design allows the maximum possible bypass. They are equipped with wheels and are up to 3.3 feet (1m) long.

Sizes & Specifications

Sava Long Packers

Sava Long Packers are suitable for repairs of pipes of diameters from 200 up to 800 mm (8"-32"). Long packers are available with or without a wheel system. They are perfect for experienced users when a bypass is not needed.

Sizes & Specifications

Sava Lateral Packers

Sava lateral packers are suitable for repairs of pipes of smaller diameters, especially in house connection installations. These packers are rounded on both ends in order to simplify handling and insertion. They are equipped with quick action couplings.

Sizes & Specifications

Steam Process Plugs

Single & Multi-Size steam processing plugs for sewer rehab

Single Size Specifications (460 Series)

Multi-Sized Specifications (450 Series)

Point Repair Carriers

Lateral Carrier Specifications

Point Repair Carrier Specifications

High Pressure Joint Testers, Grout Packers

Single Sized Specifications

Multi-Sized Specifications

Joint Tester Instructions

Hydrostatic Test Pump Instructions

Low Pressure Multi-Size Joint Testers, Grout Packers


Joint Tester Instructions

Aluminum Joint Testers (shown left bottom) include all of the above features, plus:


Low Pressure Multi-Size Collapsible Joint Testers
Grout Packers

The 18" wide bladder width and collapsibility allow for insertion down a 24" manhole. Simply remove wheels & pull 2 pins to collapse


Joint Tester Instructions

Point Repair Carrier

Cherne's point repair carriers are well-suited for most point repair systems. Available for multi-size line covers pipe sizes from 4"-36" diameters and lengths up to 15'. Cherne's carriers are known for both their durability and reliability. Custom lengths are available upon request.