Vacuum & Smoke Testing Equipment

Test Plate Instructions

Vacuum Test Plates

Comes with 1.5" vacuum port. Sizes: 12" | 24" | 36" | 42"

Note: The vac test plate needs to sit flush on top of the manhole. If testing grade rings are present, an improper seal could become an issue. Vacuum Test Plug Style recommended.


Test Plug Instructions

Note: The Vacuum Test Plug works better on new applications or when the manhole is back filled already

Vacuum Test Plugs, Manhole Bladders

Size Ranges: Required inflation pressure is 40 psi


Venturi Vacuum Generators


25 CFM Motorized Vacuum Generator


Sizes & Specifications

Vacuum Test Plug

Cherne Air-LocŪ Manhole Testers provide the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective method of testing new, existing and rehabilitated manholes, per ASTM C 1244.

Vacuum testing identifies infiltration and exfiltration problems by creating a vacuum in a manhole and then monitoring a gauge for vacuum loss. Less expensive and faster than water testing, the Air-LocŪ manhole tester's remote-inflation and monitoring system keeps users away from the "danger zone."

Bladder-Style Air-LocŪ Head Assembly Features:

Vacuum Test Plate

Plate-Style Air-LocŪ Head Assembly Features:

Sizes & Specifications

Vacuum Generators

Converts standard air compressor into a vacuum source for testing manholes-draws a vacuum in minutes.

Air-LocŪ Vacuum Generator Features:

Air-LocŪ Vacuum Pump

Air-LocŪ Vacuum Pump Features:

Ventilator-Smoke Tester

Air-LocŪ Fan Assembly Features:

Equipped with:

Line Stringer Usage Details:

Ventilator Usage Details:

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