Pipe Plugs, Flow Diverters, Test Plugs, Pipeline Rehab

Plumbing Plugs

Small diameter inflatable plugs for commercial plumbing applications. Available in single sizes or multi sized, with or without bypass. Oil resistant plugs available.

Municipal Blocking Plugs

Plugs for larger diameter pipe up to 100 inches. Pillow Plugs for when access is limited. When deflated, they can be folded up & inserted through a standard manhole.

Municipal Bypass Plugs

Flow diverters, bypass plugs for pipe sizes up to 72 inches; bypasses up to 36" available. Single size high flow diverters designed for manhole rehab work available.

Testing Plugs

Multi-Size Air-Testing Plugs for small and large diameter pipe used for for determining pressure loss in the pipe.

High Pressure Plugs

High Pressure Pipe Plugs from 150 up to 435 PSI for small and large diameter pipe up to 96 inches.

Rehab Plugs & Packers

Flexible Packers patch repairs ranging from 3ft to 16.4ft, with bypass and wheel system. Easily bends/fits thru manholes.