Municipal Bypass Plugs

Plug sizes range from 4" through 72".

Durable rugged construction with an all aluminum plug body and 2 ply polyester reinforced.

Comes with male NPT threads and PVC caps are provided for bypasses up to 8". For bypasses that are 12" or larger, a standard flanged type plate is used.

Rental industry approved.

Multi size flow diverters with bypasses up to 36"

Accessories for Multi size flow diverters:

Inflation rope hose with gauge and dump valve.
Custom sizes available.
Sizes: 20 ft | 30 ft | 40 ft

Help protect plug against superficial cuts, sharp objects, debris. For rental operations, frequent use.

Sizes & Specs:

High Flow Diverters

Single size high flow diverters are designed for manhole rehab work. All aluminum construction with largest bypass available. No pump around required. User friendly and easy to work with. Larger sizes and custom bypasses available - call for details.

(2) 250-48 with 42" bypass picking up an 8" drop inlet with a 250-8 and custom 90 degree elbow

Inflation rope hose with gauge and dump valve.
Custom sizes available.
Sizes: 20 ft | 30 ft | 40 ft

Sizes & Specs:

Cherne's I-Series Muni-Ball plugs were designed to meet the needs of both the US and International markets in terms of size and expansion range.

Our I-Series plugs have full body cording for added durability necessary for maintenance of municipal infrastructure, including sanitary and storm sewer pipe systems.

Muni-Ball® plugs are durable, rugged and are effective on almost any type of pipe.

Cherne's I-Series Muni-Ball Plugs up to 96 inches

15-32" and Larger Plug Features:

Accessories for Cherne's I-Series Muni-Ball Plugs:

Poly Lift Line. Lengths:
10, 20, 30, 40, 50 feet

Helps protect plug from cuts, sharp objects, debris.

Sizes & Specs:

Cherne's Big Mouth® Plugs

Big Mouth® plugs serve multiple applications. Great for gravity bypassing or bypass pumping.

Original Size Big Mouth Plugs:

Single Size Big Mouth Plug:

Multi-Size Big Mouth Plug:

Multi-Size Big Mouth Plug with Interchangeable Bypass Flange:

Accessories for Cherne's Big Mouth Plugs:

Use with any plug that has an eyebolt. Removable inflator valve.

Lengths: 10-20-30-40-50 ft

Flange for Big Mouth Plugs: Interchangeable bypasses with different sized flanges allow the plug to be used for multiple applications.

Sizes & Specifications:

Sizes & Specifications;
Female Bypasses up to 8"

Sizes & Specifications;
Male Bypasses up to 8"

Municipal Bypass Plugs up to 72 inches

These plugs are made of NR-SBR rubber and are reinforced with Kevlar tire cording. Due to their light weight and short length, Sava plugs are easy to handle when it comes to applications involving large diameter sizes. All plugs are equipped with quick connect couplings and nipples.

Female NPT threading on bypasses allows for insertion of air test adapters used for line acceptance testing. The threaded male aluminum bypass flange is field replaceable and bypass sizes can usually be resized in order to suit certain needs.

All Sava plugs have a safety factor of 3x the max working pressure rating, ensuring the highest level of reliability and safety in the industry. Reinforcement sleeves are avilable for heavy duty applications. There is a complete line of accessories available for non-standard options such as air test adapters, pneumatic fittings, air hoses, etc. The primary use for these plugs is the bypassing of sewage flow.

Accessories for Sava's Municipal Bypass Plugs:

Prevent superficial cuts on the plug's surface and reduce the possibility of plug's damage

Inflation rope hose with gauge and dump valve.
Sizes: 20/30/40 ft

Adapter converts bypass plug to Air Test Plug; for female bypass sizes: 1", 2", 4"