Sewer Tools, Vac Truck Equipment & Accessories

Flat Traps, Debris Baskets, Grit Catchers

Debris Baskets: A great tool for anyone jetting upstream wanting to trap the downstream debris flow. Let the water flow through, and when full just pull up and dump. Available in sizes from 6" to 24". Used with poles or with rope.
Also available with 25 feet of rope

Debris Baskets Grit Catcher: Same as the Debris Basket but with a half-moon cove on the bottom and back to trap sand and silt. For use with pole sets or with rope from 6" to 24".

Flat Trap: The Flat Trap is designed for the flat areas of the manhole or catch basin. This tool attaches to fiberglass poles and is available from 6" wide to 12" wide. Nice flat bottom and sharp edge allow you to get in the tight spaces and in the corners. Also used in septic systems, catch basins and around boat docks after a rain.

Pole Sets

Fiberglass poles are available with steel reinforcement on the inside, and strong, threaded steel connections on each end for attachments and extension. Each pole is male at one end and female on the other. The connections are 3/4 inch thread, and will not break or become damaged during use. As our strongest fiberglass pole, these durable Steel-Reinforced Threaded End Poles can stand up to a lot of torque and a lot of use.

Fiberglass Poles with Quick-Connect Ends: We offer a full range of Fiberglass Pole sets: Hollow, foam filled, & steel reinforced, all of which are super stiff. All come with a Spring loaded Male and Female quick connect couplings that allow you to use the full Puma Line of tools with your set. Available in 3 foot and 6 foot sections. A standard set is 4 ea. of 6 foot poles for a 24 foot reach.

Cues® type poles with HD Steel Female ends: Tougher than Standard poles with the Aluminum female end. These are heavy weight with an easy indent to allow pressing of the male top button to turn and slide out.

Cues® style, 2 push button fiberglass poles: These are usually found on the TV trucks attached to the rear doors. They are used with the down hole Roller Assembly.

Fiberglass Poles with Threaded Ends: Complete line of fiberglass poles are available with threaded-end connections made of steel for tougher applications. They are easy to screw together and all of our tools are available with the same thread.

Sewer Spoons, Grabbers, Claws, Handy Clams

Catch Basin Spoons: Made of strong 1.5" Ash hardwood and are available in 1, 2 or 3 piece configurations. These are heavy duty and don't bend so they can stand up to the toughest sewer work. A hard, steel, round spoon is permanently attached to the pole. Available in lengths from 6 feet to 24 feet.

(Also available) Western Style spoons: Great with nice strong bent angled flat part and turned up edges that is ideal for cleaning out those hard to get at areas. All come in one, two, or three pieces so they go by ups. Couplings are strong steel with removable pin to fold up easily for storage.

Gulley Grabber: Great for removing mud, silt, leaves and stones or any other object that might have fallen down a hole, pit, manhole or basin. Especially useful since they have a very small opening diameter. The hinged bowl opens wide and within its own circumference so you can get at items in restricted areas. They come in 3 diameter sizes as follows; 5.5 inches, 6.5 inches and 8.5 inches. Available in 3 lengths, 6 feet 12 feet or 18 feet. If you buy a 18'-footer then you can use it as a 6 footer or 12 footer.

Hose Grabber: Connects to the fiberglass poles and is great for moving the hose in the manhole. The angles' ends allow the hose to easily enter the middle so you can pull and tug on the hose if stuck.

Telescopic Pole with Claw Grabber: A telescopic fiberglass reinforced pole with heavy-duty, toothed jaws which are spring-loaded and plated used for picking up debris from the bottom of sewers, catch basin, wells and pits. The claw can grab almost anything from a piece of paper to a brick or a lost tool down below. The claw stays closed - no handle to hold, just pull on the rope and it slides through a one way cleat that stays in position to lock jaws around the object. Rope lock mechanism closes jaws while you remove objects from manhole. Powerful jaws open to 7" width. Telescoping handle is expandable from 6 - 12 feet all the way up to 8-24 foot lengths. The pole handle is made of heavy-duty fiberglass with locking ferule and is non-conductive. The claw is made of steel and zinc plated for long life and corrosion resistance.

Handy Clams: The heavy-duty construction of the Handy-Clam will give you years of service. The tension mechanism is completely enclosed within the housing unit. Mud and sand won't clog Handy-Clam due to its durable construction and the large amount of leverage that may be applied to the shovels. Available in lengths from 6 feet to 25 feet. Bucket sizes are 12 inches and 16 inches.

Hose Protection, Manhole Rollers

Lightweight Aluminum Manhole Safety Roller Grill & Hose: This lightweight all aluminum manhole safety roller grill reduces the possibility to zero of falling into the manhole. Made of aluminum within an aluminum or a black nylon roller and powder coated red for high visibility. The unique design has a hand opening to allow tightening of the four support screws.

Anti-splash manhole roller hose guide: The Saf-T-Guide is a manhole sewer hose roller guide with removable Lexan protection plates to keep sewer spray from leaving manhole. Concerned about sewer mist? These new top grills help protect operators' health with built in plexiglass under Covers. Helps prevent sewer Mist from becoming airborne to reduce operator exposure.
Reduce exposure with plexy-protection manhole work rings for jetting with plexiglass splash guard. This lightweight, all aluminum manhole safety roller cover reduces the possibility of exposure by keeping sewer splash and mist in the manhole where it belongs. Now you can protect your workers from falling in manhole and from inadvertent sewer spray. Easy to move at just 23 lbs for the 24" and 49 lbs for the 36". Fits manholes from 23" to 36". Aluminum hose roller.

Aluminum upper manhole roller guide: Aluminum Upper Manhole Roller Guides protect the top of your hose from rubbing against manhole rims. These are made of strong ¼" thick angle and are fitted with a 5" Delrin roller. Also available in steel.

Upper manhole "Y" roller: The Upper Manhole "Y" Roller from Southland Tool allows you to insert your 8 inch suction tube into the manhole along with the hose guide roller. The space created by the "Y" frees up the space that a normal top manhole roller uses to support itself. Made from aluminum, the Y Roller is lightweight and very strong. The roller itself is made of Delrin.

Hose Protection, Lower Manhole Rollers

Tiger tail aluminum roller guide: Comes with 25 feet of rope and 5 poly rollers. Lowers the hose and nozzles into the pipe while protecting the hose.

Hose guide roller-grabber: A strong steel construction downhose roller that can grab your hose with a simple twist and lower into position. Attaches to the quick-connect or threaded poles. Weighs only 9 lbs! Great for drop manhole where you need to pick up the hose and nozzle to get it started.

Compact Down Roller (Safety Orange): The 729A is a smaller version of the downhole roller. Made of strong 3/16" steel with 4 Urethane rollers, this set up connects to a 3/4 inch NPT connection or you can use an adapter and connect to a quick pole system. It is just 13" long and 15" high with a width that will fit a 6 inch pipe.

(Guide Shoe) Aluminum Lower Manhole Roller Guide: Strong but lightweight for larger lines. 17 lbs. This roller guide has 4 Nylon hose rollers and strong side plates to hold up under adverse conditions. Top mounted 3/4" female nipple attached to your galvanized poles. Available with quick disconnect for fiberglass poles.

Articulating roller guide: This Articulating Roller Hose Guide pivots in the middle to allow you to use it on exposed corrugated pipe that can cut your hose. When you jet below an elevated road you need to protect your hose around the curve going into the drainage pipe. This roller will guide your hose over the top and make the bend into the pipe while protecting it from the sharp corrugated pipe. Comes with 25 feet of nylon rope and has 9 rollers.

Lower manhole easement roller: For easements that are near impossible to get to - on a hill, on a cliff, on rough terrain - anywhere you can't get to the manhole with your truck, or even where you can't drag your hose to it. The lower manhole easement roller allows you to change the direction of your hose at the bottom of a manhole.

Let's say you are jetting from an accessible manhole and you want to go up the easement line. Just attach the easement roller to your poles. It has a fork on one side to pick up the hose, and a support arm to keep it firmly in place against the lip of the invert wall. Once in place, the hose goes right around the roller and up that previously inaccessible line.

Hose Protection, Tiger Tails

Standard Duty Tiger Tail: The standard duty Tiger Tail is a flexible plastic hose with cuffed end. Comes with a 25 ft attached rope for guiding your hose into sewer. This economical guide is available in 2" and 3" diameter and is 36" in length.

Heavy Duty Tiger Tail: This Super Heavy Duty hose guide is molded from a smooth bore rubber hose that holds up to abuse. They last longer to keep your workers on the job and avoid costly sewer hose damage. The cuffed ends are steel banded and silicone sealed. The attached 25ft. rope is attached with a super strong King Clamp with a rubber gasket around the guide.

Manhole Cover Hooks

Available with either flat or 90 degree handle.

Sizes: 24" & 36"

Tube Clamps for Vac Trucks

Band Lock Style Tube Clamp: Locking Clamps for Aluminum suction tubes keeps clamps locked to prevent the tube from coming undone in situations where it may hit the wall, flipping the clamp open allowing the tube to fall down the hole, shutting operations down until retrieval. Available in 6" & 8".

Flat Flange Style (Vactor / Vaccon): Locking Clamps for Aluminum suction tubes keeps clamps locked to eliminate tubes coming undone. Available in 6" & 8".

"V" clamp: Used for connecting flat flange tubes. Vactor®/Vac-con. Paddle closure is easy to close. Fully plated for long life. No adjustment necessary.

Tube Hose Clamps: Available in 6" and 8" for Vactor, Vaccon, Vac-All, Camel

Tube Holders for Vac Trucks

Deep Vac manhole tube holder: The Deep Vac Tube Holder holds 50' of vacuum tubes suspended in the manhole to eliminate the dangers of the tubes touching electrical wires. Deep-Vacs are great for wet wells and pumping beginning with larger openings. Available for 6in. or 8in. vacuum tubes. Now available in 50" and 60" stretch models for Wet Wells. Comes with removable support legs. Custom orders (Specify opening size)

Vactor style tube handle: One hand or multiple (4) hand Aluminum vacuum tube holder. This allows you to grab your 6" or 8" vacuum tube and put I where you want it. Great for hydro excavating. You can really grab this one from any side of the tube. Comes with strong ¾" pipe handles, paddle type clamp that is easy o push down and lock. Internal rubber gasket wont let your tube slip. Great for your Vactor or any other combo machine you might have.

Hydro Vac handle: The simple to use Hydro-Vac Handle clamps tightly around your Vacuum tubes for a perfect fit. The interior neoprene replacable gasket and 2 side handles help to move your tube where you want it. Works great for Hydro Excavation and Pot-Holeing. Available for 8in. or 6in.

Nozzle Reducers for Vac Trucks

Hydro Excavator Reducer Cuff, 8" x 6": This solves a common problem when using your 8" combo suction machine for hydro-excavation with your hi-pressure wand. Help prevent large rocks, bricks and large diameter material from sucking up into your 8" lines and getting stuck in the top mounted elbow or in the horizontal hose or telescopic extensions. This blocked debris will cut off suction flow and start to overheat your pump.

The 8" x 6" Hydro Excavator Reducer Cuff attaches to your 8" flat flange but then reduces to a 6" steel pipe with a 6" Kanaflex 180 AR hose bolted to it. This allows you to dig and not damage utility lines but most of all you cannot suck up anything larger than 6" so you eliminate the chance of mucking up your suction lines. Easy to store at just 10" lbs. and only 17" tall. Available with Vactor® Flat Flange or with a "Camel" Female End.

Crown nozzle reducer, 12" long: Don't ruin your 8 inch crown. This crown is reduced to 5 1/2 inches and it will go right into the 6 or 8 inch invert and suck up all the debris in the trough. Just 12 inches long overall. 1" holes above the debris field to work as a snorkel. It's really easy to store on your truck. Available for Vactor, Camel, Vac-All, Aquatech.

Hydro Excavating Tools for Vac Trucks

Hydro-Excavator Tool "DIG-IT": A lightweight attachment for your sewer hose, with sewer hose size (3/4" or 1") and suction tubes sizes (6 or 8 inch).

The wet ring has either 4, 8 or 10 replaceable stainless-steel jets set according to your GPM and PSI. Jets are slightly angled and zero degrees.

Bottom rubber cuff provides protection.

Available for Vactor, Vaccon, Vac-All and Camel

Aluminum Elbows for Vac Trucks

8" x 90 degree Aluminum Short Suction Elbow: This solves a common problem when using your 8" Kanaflex hose for long distance runs around buildings or over walls. Anywhere in a treatment plant where long tubes or hose need to be placed to suck up debris these little helpers really come in handy. This is 100% Aluminum with 8" flat flanges on each end. Super short radius makes this item compact and light.

Short Radius 90 degree, 8" Crown x Flat Flange: Short Radius 90º 8" Crown x Flat Flange Suction Tube Nozzle allows you to connect your vacuum tube to an elbow and make a 90º bend.

Vac Traps for Vac Trucks

Vac-Traps: The idea behind the Vac-Trap is to keep the water in the sewer line where it belongs and remove only debris. When you are vacuuming the debris coming down the sewer, normally you are using a crown nozzle elevated above the flow on the down stream side of the invert. This accepted way of suctioning debris means you remove a great deal of water from the sewer line that requires you to either, decant or dump the water, along with the debris. Decanting takes time, if you have the set up, and dumping water along with debris is expensive and inefficient.

The Vac-Trap allows you to keep the water in the sewer where it belongs. Just clamp on the correctly sized Vac-Trap to the end of your suction tube and lower into the invert. The sewer debris flows through it and traps the debris but lets the water filter out. You don't even have to run your Positive Displacement (PD) or fan, just let the trap do the work on its own. Once the trap is full and you see the water start to back up then simply turn on your pump and instantly vacuum the trap clean, then you're ready to start again..

The Vac-trap pays for itself in just a few uses. When placed on the end of your vacuum tube and set in to invert, it catches debris and allows water to flow downstream. Once the trap is full, suck up to find it empty and it's ready to go again. Cuts down on pump time, saves fuel and decanting time..

Now available in Short Back Style and 10º models for offsets. Available for Vactor, Vac-Con, Camel, Aquatech, Gap-Vax, and Vac-All. For 6in. and 8in. tubes in sizes from 6in. to 24in. We also offer sand covers so you can suck up fine sand and grit.

Also available with Grit Covers:

Ball Valves and Hose Reel Swivels

2 Way Ball Valve:

3 Way Ball Valve:

90 degree Hose Reel Swivels: Available for 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4" hose.