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We are the home of the J-Plug. Invented in 1967 to not only to save money, but also designed to keep workers safe by keeping them out of the danger zone associated with manholes and lift stations. It comes with a field replaceable sleeve, covering pipe sizes from 4" inches up to 24".

Other products we offer:

We offer a full range of pipe plugs and sewer equipment, including blocking plugs up to 100", mechanical plugs, high pressure plugs, test plugs, bypass/flow diverters, pillow plugs as well as sewer maintenance equipment including tools like hydraulic root cutters and chain style root cutters, high pressure sewer cleaning nozzles, rodding equipment as well as tools and accessories for your Vac truck.

Municipal Sewer, Plumbing & Rehab

  • Mechanical Plugs
  • Plug municipal pipes up to 96"
  • High Pressure Plugs up to 435 psi
  • Air Test plugs for leak location
  • Flow diverters with bypasses up to 48"
  • Packers, joint testers, for pipeline rehab
  • Pillow plugs for ellipses; Sizes up to 100"

Hydraulic Root Cuttters

  • Blades up to 30"
  • Contractor Duty Kits
  • Round Body & Lateral kits
  • Complete kits for lines 4-15"
  • Chain Cutter kits for large lines up to 48"

High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

  • High precision
  • Designed for contractors
  • Commercial & Residential Plumbing
  • Municipal and industrial applications
  • Hose sizes: 1/8" thru 1-1/4"

Manhole Testers, Vacuum Testing

  • Identify infiltration/exfiltration problems
  • Accurately test new, existing and rehabilitated manholes
  • Less expensive, faster than water testing
  • Keeps users away from the "danger zone"
  • Vacuum generators and pumps
  • Smoke Blowers - Ventilators

Rodding Power Drives & Accessories

  • 8HP Honda Power drives available
  • Premium sewer rods treated with acid resistant, heat fused, blue metallic coating
  • Plumber's rods and accessories available
  • Full range of tools, cutters, saws, corkscrews and augers

Deflection Gauges "Mandrels"

  • Custom sizes available
  • Field verify without using a proving ring
  • Two types of Gauges available:
    Adjustable Aluminum & Fixed Steel
  • Tests flexible sewer pipes for out-of-roundness to ensure the pipe has been properly bedded and back-filled

Vac Truck & General Maintenance Tools

  • Ball Valves, Swivels, Elbows
  • Hose Protection: Manhole Rollers, Tiger Tails
  • Tube Clamps & Holders, Nozzle Reducers & Hydro Excavation Tools
  • Traps, Debris Baskets, Grit Catchers, Sewer Spoons, Grabbers, Claws, Handy Clams