High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Nozzles (KEG)

KEG Specialty Nozzles:
The perfect solution to your unique pipe cleaning applications!

Aqua Power 700 Nozzle

The Aqua Power 700 Nozzle is KEG's newest controlled speed rotational nozzle. By simply increasing or decreasing the pressure in the water system, the speed of rotation can be controlled by the operator. The Aqua Power 700 is an excellent all around cleaning and grease removal nozzle for pipelines, manholes and lift stations. The Aqua Power 700 comes with 4 welded skids, additional removable skids for larger pipes, a high pressure swivel, and is furnished with titanium ceramic inserts.

Technical Specifications:

R2D2-1 Nozzle

The R2D2-1 Nozzle is KEG's controlled speed rotational nozzle for smaller applications. The R2D2-1 combines lightweight versatility and cleaning for low flow machines running a minimum of 12GPM and an operating pressure of 2000 PSI. By simply increasing or decreasing the pressure in the water system, the speed of rotation of the R2D2-1can be controlled by the operator.

The R2D2-1 is an excellent all around cleaning and grease removal nozzle for pipelines. The R2D2-1 comes with a 4 inch skid (optional 6 inch skid available), titanium ceramic inserts, and a high pressure swivel.

Technical Specifications:

Equalizer Nozzle

The Equalizer Nozzle is one of KEG's most unique nozzles, specially designed to virtually eliminate blowing toilets. Twelve forward jets at dual angles not only clean but create an umbrella pattern blocking airflow that creates problems blowing toilets. Six powerful rearward jets with KEG's high efficiency patented Fluid Mechanics provide the ultimate in propulsion, cleaning and debris removal. Rest assured the Equalizer Nozzle by KEG Technologies will help reduce or eliminate residential complaints.

Virtually Eliminates Blowing Toilets

Technical Specifications:

Duce Nozzle

The Duce Nozzle is KEG's vibrating rotational nozzle. Using the same water driven rotation as our conventional Rotor Nozzles, the Duce literally vibrates pipe deposits away. The Duce has sprocket-like front and rear end caps that use the vibrating action in the pipeline to break up hard scale and deposits. The Duce is ideal for removing grout and mortar residue, scaling, tuberculation or other deposits that have hardened to the pipe wall or floor.

Important! The operator should conduct a thorough camera inspection of the pipe to determine the condition before using the nozzle.
Do not use the Duce in pipes that display cracks, fissures or other damage!
The Duce nozzle is not recommended for use in clay pipe!

Technical Specifications:

Floor Cleaning Nozzle

Due to advanced design fluid mechanics, the flow from the high pressure water hose is converted to maximum cleaning power in each jet of the floor cleaner. The resulting flow from the various jets, as well as the jet angle design make these floor cleaners ideal for removing sludge, mud, and other compacted materials and heavy debris (rocks, bricks, broken concrete, etc.) from storm lines, detention systems, culverts, and large sanitary lines.

KEG's unique roll cage design also ensures that our floor jet cleaner will return to its upright position to perform as designed. KEG's Floor Cleaners feature our high performance fluid mechanics and are Tier Three nozzles.

Technical Specifications:

Advantages & Applications:

The Twins: Efficient cleaning of big bore, heavy debris pipe. Utilizing two floor cleaners with KEG high performance fluid mechanics, working in tandem with a Y - connector and other fittings, "The Twins" allow the crew the ability to clean large box culverts, arch pipe, or large diameter round pipes in a more efficient manner.

"The Twins" can utilize any KEG Floor Cleaner pair depending on flow and pressure available. Units run parallel in a large diameter pipe. By using spacer bars and dual water feed lines, the twin units provide a uniform cleaning pattern over a wide diameter.