High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Nozzles (KEG)

KEG Finishing Nozzle Family:
"Finish" a pipe cleaning job by removing those last "streaks" of grease residue left from heavy grease deposits, along with tender roots and other vegetation.

It should be noted, however, that a Rotor is NOT a cleaning nozzle and should not be used in cleaning applications. Rotors are intended to remove the grease and sludge that remain in lines after an 80 percent cleaning has been accomplished.

Don't use grease, oils, or other lubrication when performing maintenance on this nozzle

Rotor Nozzle

Finishing Nozzles: Ensuring perfectly cleaned pipe for a streak-free inspection!

When contractors or municipalities "finish" a pipe cleaning job, they often view streaks on the pipe walls during their video inspection. These "streaks" are actually grease residue that has not been removed by the other cleaning processes. KEG offers our Rotor Nozzle for this purpose. The free spinning Rotor will remove those last grease deposits, along with tender roots and other vegetation, to "ensure perfectly cleaned pipe and a finished job", hence our finishing label.

Rotor nozzles run the gamut of pipe size applications, ranging from 1/4" to 1 1/4" hose threads, and from 4" to 20" pipe. The unique nozzle insert configuration provides both propulsion and a rotating body action. This rotation ensures that pipes are thoroughly cleaned in all 360 of the pipe surface. Though primarily intended for grease removal, the Rotor Nozzle is equally adept at removing scaling, crusts, and small root tendrils and other tender vegetation. Maintenance simply requires removal of the top cap and cleaning of the rotational shaft; this can be done in a matter of minutes. There are no bearings to oil or lubricate and no repair kits to install! Remember, the Rotor Nozzle should be the last nozzle up the pipe before TV inspection! KEG's Rotor Nozzles are available with steel or titanium ceramic inserts. KEG Rotors are classified as Tier Two nozzles.

KEG's Rotor Nozzles are an excellent tool for complete pipe cleaning when removing the remnants of grease, roots, and scale before TV inspections.

This sludge is the adhesive for the next clog to begin. KEG Rotor Nozzles are made with our unique water driven design and requires No Form of lubrication for maintenance and operation.