Corkscrews, Augers & Sewer Cleaning Tools

Round Wire Corkscrews

Use in storm drains where mud cannot be moved - if a small hole can be bored to let water run through, it will soon "soup up". By flooding and working up through the next sizes, the drain can be entirely opened.

Double Round Wire Corkscrews

When greater pulling strength is needed for picking up and pulling out roots, rags, cans and other obstructions.

Sand Corkscrews

The best tool for fast boring through large sanded lines.

Double construction causes the tool to ride to the top of the sand.

Square Bar Corkscrews

Great for roots, hard grease and paper clogs.


Use for removing sand, hairline roots and grease. Cutting edge on front and back allows it to cut while rotating, useful for dealing with long stringy roots. Can be used against the flow to remove grease deposits.


The Turn Type Porcupine is a heavy duty finishing and scraping tool designed to scrape the pipe walls after the line has been cleared. Strong 1/4" wire spikes rub against the pipe wall and is best used in a pull back mode.

Steel Sewer Brush

Sewer brush for swabbing and finishing a line